""Via Satellite" is a hardcore trip to outer space with your pilots Planet Asia & TzariZM at it again. This anthem co-stars MidaZ The BEAST (of Doxside Music group) and Casual (of Hieroglyphics). This is another banger promoting the upcoming collaborative album "Via Satellite" starring Fresno veteran super emcee Planet Asia and new school boom bap producer TzariZM, coming soon via Doxside Music Group/Traffic Entertainment in association with Gold Chain Music and FlyDefinition. The album drops on July 29th!"

Planet Asia & TzaiZM - Via Satellite ft. MidaZ & Casual

"A compilation from music collective Fameless Fam featuring recent, unreleased, and exclusive songs from F. Virtue, J57, Falside, Juan Deuce, Daniel J. W!shington, Dick Van Dick, DJ Emoh Betta, Boogie Boy Metal Mouth, Papa Bakes, and Andrew Milicia."

Best project I’ve heard in a minute. Just good music

Andrew Milicia - Elevator Music

Kool John - Get Tha Dough ft. IAMSU! & ST Spittin

"you know this bruh"

RAZO - Champagne

Tried to not like this but dam..  Slaps

Cap 1 - Get Out Here & Werk ft. 2 Chainz & Skooly

This dude Righchus changed his name to Matt Monday. This song still dope though

Righchus Matt Monday - Strokers Row